With his compelling, sprawling vocal range, a striking mix of familiar yet sophisticated musical lines, and adept guitar skills, Dylan Menzie is quickly becoming one of Prince Edward Island's prime exports. The singer-songwriter has been heralded as "the next big voice in Canadian music" (CBC). Hailing from Belle River, PEI, Dylan Menzie has been compared to Joel Plaskett, Fleet Foxes and The Lumineers. 

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Dylan is one of the most promising – and one of my favourite - artists to come out of the Maritimes in years, and that’s saying a lot, considering the wealth of talent that’s out here. His songwriting and voice are generational, and whether it’s from the stage or through the stereo, I always find myself just totally captivated and immersed in the experience.
— Andrew King, Editor, Canadian Musician
Dylan Menzie is one of my favourite musicians coming out of the Maritimes today; with lyrical tricks up his sleeve and instrumental creativity to boot, it’s not hard to see why music communities are already getting behind his music. With songs like ‘Kenya’ and ‘I Wanna Know,’ it’s easy to compare him to some of Canada’s best songwriters, I can’t imagine it will be long until we’re comparing others to him.
— Kerry Martin, CBC
Super high energy performance by Dylan Menzie at Contact East in Saint John last weekend. From really rocking out tunes to well written smoother ballads this young man is going places fast.
— David O'Leary, Evergreen Theatre
We’ve been saying it for years and it continues to be true. Some of the best and most creative pop/rock artists in the twenty-first century are based in Canada. This disc is short, clocking in at just over thirty minutes. But in that length of time up-and-coming singer/songwriter Dylan Menzie makes a definite impression with his music. This young fellow has a sound that is simultaneously unique and familiar. These songs feature intelligent lyrics and nice winding melodies. And Menzie has a voice that really makes his songs hit home. This guy is obviously headed on a quick path to success. Adolescent Nature features six originals and, surprisingly, ends with a cool cover of Robert Plant and Jimmy Page’s ‘That’s The Way’.
— babysue