When it came time to put his latest collection of songs to tape, acclaimed PEI songsmith Dylan Menzie found himself staring down two distinct trails.

One would bring him deeper down the path of forthright, earnest folk music anchored by organic instrumentation and his unmistakable vocal stylings – that which had already earned him an enviable amount of acclaim and accolades. The other would lead into more abstract and ethereal territory – lush soundscapes defined by digital flourishes and off-kilter experimentation.

Opting to chart both routes simultaneously, Menzie has delivered his most eclectic and ambitious collection to date, drawing influence from a diverse myriad of sources including folk icons of decades past and contemporary innovators like Anderson .Paak, Kurt Vile, and Kacey Musgraves.

Consider it the soundtrack to your next nighttime drive to nowhere in particular, and don’t be afraid to veer down some previously-unexplored paths.