CBC's 100 essential songs of 2016

"Kenya" makes the list at #73! Full article below. 

2016 will likely be remembered for the great artists we lost, but lest we forget there was some truly fantastic music that came out this year. As we approach 2017, we here at CBC Music along with our colleagues at Radio 2 and q were tasked to pare down this year in recorded music, distilling the highlights till we found what we believe are 2016’s essential songs.

Before we begin, a few notes about the methodology: These are songs that were in high rotation on Radio 2 that were then ranked by their performance in digital sales, national airplay and peak chart position on the Radio 2 Top 20. Representatives from q, CBC Music editorial and Radio 2 were then asked to determine songs that were editorially significant. These songs were then ranked alongside the Radio 2 list on sales and spins, and voila, we had a list of 100 songs that were sorted purely based on math.

So, without further ado, here are CBC Music's essential songs of 2016.